BodyIntelligence is an integrated approach to posture, mindset and self care, which empowers you to function at your best – for the sake of your business, your well-being, and your life. If you are a woman in business – an entrepreneur or self-employed woman, a business owner, professional or executive – this work is especially for you.

Using the BodyIntelligence approach you will learn how to let go of tension and anxiety, so you can be more productive, confident, and efficient in all you do.

How much is overwhelm and stress costing you and your work?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of everything you have to do in business AND at home?
  • Do you feel tense, fatigued or even pain during or after working at the computer?
  • Do you often feel pulled in a million different directions?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable at the thought of “selling”?
  • Do you get anxious or tense when you have to speak in public?
  • Does your body language misrepresent the professional you are?


With everything that’s thrown at us as women in business, it’s no wonder we get overwhelmed!

And when we feel overwhelmed and stressed, productivity goes down, our confidence plummets, our body language becomes defensive, tentative or lacks assurance…and our bottom line suffers.

Now let’s imagine a different scenario.

Imagine feeling calm, confident and in control, able to face anything that comes your way with grace and poise.

Imagine speaking easily and authentically to prospective clients, and groups, large and small.

Imagine working at the computer with comfort and ease, so you can get more done and feel energized rather than stressed and fatigued.

Imagine having internal tools to quickly discern the physical and mental cues that indicate you are becoming stressed and overwhelmed, so you can consciously choose how you wish to respond.

From personal experience I know these are possible.

As a woman in business, YOU are the most important asset you have. Taking care of yourself, and learning tools to stop your stress responses in their tracks, is the best investment you can make in the future of your business, and in your own well-being.

My name in Imogen Ragone, and I created BodyIntelligence especially for women like me, including women professionals, business owners, self-employed solo entrepreneurs, and others. My mission is to empower you with tools to be in control of your body, to have a constructive way to deal with negative self-talk and the postural habits that lead you into overwhelm and pain, to be able to let go of stress and discover you have a body that is not only more comfortable and free of excess tension, but also exudes confidence and authenticity―to help you be calm, confident and in control, in mind, body and spirit.

BodyIntelligence is primarily based on the world-famous Alexander Technique, an evidence-based mind-body approach to using our whole selves consciously, efficiently, with freedom, grace and poise. It also incorporates my own experience as a solo entrepreneur for the past nine years, as well as some of my other influences, including Brené Brown’s work on shame and vulnerability, Susan Cain’s work on introverts, Amy Cuddy’s research on body language and presence, and Kristin Neff’s work on self-compassion.