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Another way to jumpstart your progress is to join the BodyIntelligence Community Facebook group. If you are not a member already, I highly recommend you join us. It is a place where I inspire and support members with their personal development and self-care goals, as well as somewhere you can ask questions, and get answers from me and other community members too. I think you will find it a helpful addition to the learning from the course, as well as an extra source of support. Click here to join >>

BodyIntelligence EASY Self-Care Program

Self-care really can be a matter of making small shifts in our thinking and attention. Over time these small changes can blossom into big transformations in the way we deal with life. It’s time to start letting go of stress and tension, and welcome more ease into your life.

I look forward to being part of your self-care journey.

~ Imogen

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