Surround Yourself with Ease
A FREE BodyIntelligence Webinar
presented by Imogen Ragone

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
11:00-11:30 AM Eastern Time (click here for your time zone)*
*Recording will be available to all who register.


Do you feel stressed?     Tense?     Overwhelmed?

In this webinar you will:

Practice shifting your attention in the moment so you feel more at ease in yourself and your world.

Experience a short guided meditation – a “power pause” –  that you can use sitting or lying down in constructive rest.

Receive a recording of the session for you watch and use afterward.

Self-Care can be just a thought away.


The webinar will also include information about my upcoming 12-week course, the BodyIntelligence EASY Self-Care Program.

ABOUT Imogen Ragone

Hi! I’m Imogen. I am a teacher of the Alexander Technique and entrepreneur, and the founder of BodyIntelligence. BodyIntelligence is my particular approach to presence, body language, self care and mindset (and more!) primarily using the Alexander Technique, an evidence-based mind-body approach to using our whole selves consciously, efficiently, with freedom, grace and poise. I am particularly interested in helping women like myself manage overwhelm and stress, and have found self-care to be a crucial component of this. I am the creator of the 30-Day Constructive Rest Challenge. Constructive Rest is a simple, yet powerful practice, and a fabulous self-help tool, which, especially when practiced regularly, provides a highly effective way to improve your posture, release tension, and calm your nervous system. I do it to this day and consider it a vital tool to help me be as efficient and productive as possible for myself and my business.

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