A BodyIntelligence Online Class 

Finding Ease at the Computer
presented by Imogen Ragone

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 3-4 PM Eastern
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You spend hours at your computer every day.
You use it to work, play, connect, do research, shop, and more.

Yet you find yourself suffering from all the time you spend in front of that screen.

You get stiff, sore, tense and even in pain, making it hard to focus and get quality work done.
It is a huge source of stress – mental and physical.

It makes it hard to enjoy what you do!

BUT it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can learn to transform how you use your whole self – mind and body – as you work.

It’s about uncovering the EASE and innate natural uprightness you already have within you.

You too, can find ease at the computer so you can:

Feel good as you work!
Be more productive.
Be more creative.
Be less reactive, yet more responsive.

Feel and look more confident.

In this interactive class you will:

  • Learn the three key balancing points to help you sit in easy poise.
  • Learn a simple way to shift your perspective in the moment to relieve stress and tension.
  • Learn strategies to help you create new habits that stick.
  • Learn an effective stretch you can do at your desk to release tension and allow your body to open up into its innate natural uprightness.
  • Get answers to your questions on your specific challenges.
  • Have live interaction and teaching with Imogen and the other participants.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 3-4 PM Eastern (Click here to find your time zone.)

WHERE: Online! We will be in a virtual classroom using video conferencing. Once you have registered you will be sent a link to join the class.

All registered participants will receive a recording of the class afterward to assist your learning.

You are encouraged to attend the class live, to make the most out of your experience.


Small class size: only 12 0 spots available*

* If you would like to be kept informed about future classes on this topic, click here to contact Imogen.

Cost: $29

What Past Participants Say About This Class


I thought [the class] was terrific. I felt so much more relaxed afterwards and I have goals now for what to do in front of the computer.

Ann Glazer, Somers, NY


I think you did a fantastic job running [the class]. In particular I noticed these things:

    • You were very organized including telling us what you would cover, covering it, and summarizing it
    • Your content was clear, succinct and relevant
    • You made good use of the medium, that is the Zoom platform, sharing a PowerPoint list, showing us the Ease stretch (as well as making sure we knew enough about how to navigate the platform)
    • You made it participatory by both asking and soliciting questions
    • You listened carefully and respectfully to all questions and comments
    • You came across as poised and knowledgeable (which, of course, you are!)

Suzanne Stroh, retired, San Francisco Bay Area, CA


It was a wonderful online class. What most fascinated me was paying attention to the place where I felt ease, not the place where I felt tension. It really worked for me. I felt like the ease was expanding and the tension would be gone. Thank you so much for a great class. I learned a lot from you.

Itsuko Masuda, Alexander Technique Teacher, Southern California

About Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Imogen, and I’m passionate about the transformative power of the Alexander Technique to help us release stress in body and mind.

I’ve developed my own unique approach which I call BodyIntelligence, integrating mindset, posture and self-care, to give my clients practical strategies to relieve and prevent stress and tension so they can achieve their goals and feel great!

Over more than 11 years teaching this transformational work, I have found that a major source of physical and mental stress for my clients is the way they work at their desks and use their computer and other devices. I love to help them transform this stress so they can be present, comfortable and at ease, alert and able to do their best work, and still feel good at the end of the day!


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