Creating Space Between You and Your Device — 13 Comments

  1. This is such a timely reminder about the constant stream of information and stimulation, which does create distraction and as you say low level anxiety. I love some of the tips and the idea of the digital detox and space in its broadest sense.

    They used to say Americans were living the “dream, now its living the “stream of constant information

  2. Thanks for the interesting post Imogen. I got a smart phone on Monday, never had one before, so your post is very timely. I spent much of yesterday working out how to use it, and woke up today all stiff and aching, probably from anxious hunching. Wish you’d posted this yesterday morning! Allowing one’s vision to open to take in the peripheral is useful too – perhaps you could do a post on this too, one day.

    • The good news is you have the chance to start off the way you want to continue. I think being aware of our peripheral vision is EXTREMELY useful when looking at any screen. Good idea of a post – thank you!

  3. I took Facebook off my phone completely because I was enticed to go there too much. The little red circles with a number in it was always drawing me in to see what messages might be there. Now I find it much easier to just check Facebook once a day. It is such a rabbit hole full of good articles and interesting posts ( like yours!). But, it was taking up too much time.

    • Well, I haven’t quite limited myself to once a day. But I’m on it when I choose to be, rather than having notifications lure me there all the time. And you’re right – it’s not that I’m just sitting there watching cat videos (alright – occasionally!). There’s lots of good stuff – too much, in fact. But it can be a distraction from what I really want to be doing much of the time.

  4. I live with my phone in my hand, but I do make sure that I’m the boss of that relationship! I’ve also turned off a lot of notifications. especially on Facebook.

    #bringthephonetoyou 🙂

    • Love that you mentioned the #bringittoyou idea – it is not at all incompatible with the idea of space. In fact both is best – bring your phone to you AND be aware of the space between you and your phone!!

      I’d love to see you teach a lesson with your phone in your hand 😉

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  6. I am really a fan of Mr Alexander for inventing such Techniques prefix with his name.The above article is all about ones behaviour regarding gadgets.Yes I relearn to keep a safe distance.Social distancing has become social media distancing after reading the article. Thank you-

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