How to Improve Productivity, Project Confidence, and Be Comfortable with your Computer Posture Part 8: Using Your Laptop — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for these great series of posts, Imogen. I use a laptop but I have a docking station at my desk so that I can plug in my laptop and then have a separate monitor on an adjustable arm and a wireless keyboard. This allows me the portability of a laptop so I can use it in a variety of different situations but gives me the advantage of a desktop computer when I am in my office, so I can adjust the monitor and keyboard positions separately. That’s the one disadvantage of the laptop, as I think you mentioned in a previous post — because keyboard and screen are connected, its hard to adjust both to be in the optimal positions.

    • I’m planning on replacing my desktop with a good laptop, and am definitely planning on a docking station and keyboard for my office. The best of both worlds, as you say. So glad you are enjoying this series, Lauren. Thanks.

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