How to Improve Productivity, Project Confidence, and Be Comfortable with your Computer Posture Part 7: Workstation Set-Up — 1 Comment

  1. I have a high spec chair that I brought home from the office when I was working from home or at weekends. I’m now retired and work an hour or so a day, but in a very static position, constantly typing. It’s got loads of adjustments, but I never got around to setting it up properly, I’ve found a big improvement by taking your advice in this page. I also found the chair arms were unhelpful – they are adjustable for height, but slightly too far away from my body; fine for regular office use when I might have been on the phone, interviewing, etc but not for constant typing. By resting my elbows on the chair arms I was pushing my upper arms outwards and forwards, which messed up my shoulders and upper back, consequently my neck too. I have found that by taking the arms out of the way, and sitting closer to the desk, my upper arms hang straight and I’m much more comfortable.
    Thanks very much for publishing this series.

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