It’s Summer – the Perfect Time to Relax and Restore — 8 Comments

  1. Or better yet, float on your back. It takes a little practice (I’d recommend shallow water for starters 🙂 )and relatively calm seas, but once you get the hang of it you can float, perfectly free and relaxed. Might be a good idea to let the lifeguard know what you’re up to, lest they think you’ve passed out or something. Cheers, Bobby

    • Great idea! I think some floating as you describe and some Constructive Rest on the ground (something for your back to really release onto) would be a perfect combination!

  2. My favorite place for Constructive Rest in summer is on the wood dingy dock at the end of the wharf we stay on. In the sun (with sunblock of course!) and sunglasses. Towel under head. The water moves the dock gently, and I sense the fluid in myself flowing easily and gently.

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  5. My garden, listening to the breeze and the buzzing of the bees.

    Also my tent when camping, especially in the rain!

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