3 Big Mistakes Computer Users Make When Experiencing Tension and Pain — 7 Comments

  1. I know well the “ignore the pain” approach, and it led me to some pretty severe difficulties. Happily, I’ve corrected my postural errors and have learned what my body needs. (Just seeing your “wrong way” photo makes me hurt!) I went through quite a bit of physical therapy as part of this process, and my PT said there are lots of young people with pains and headaches because of such terrible computer posture. The message of your blog needs to be made very widespread for the modern, computer-focused society. I’m using a desktop size computer now instead of a laptop, and it’s a lot easier to manage my body.

    • Thanks so much for your support of my message, Judy. I’m so glad you found a way to use your body in a more helpful way. Sounds like you have an excellent PT!

  2. A typical ergonomic chair scenario is this: With faulty sensory awareness, the occupant’s judgement cannot be relied upon to determine a healthy position. The ergonomists opinion is scarcely any better, because they have no training whatsoever in proper use. The chair gets adjusted to support the occupant’s concept of “comfort” and “support”, perhaps modified by the ergonomist’s opinions, but essentially forcing a continuation of the occupant’s habitual misuse of himself.

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