Shoveling Snow with the Alexander Technique — 4 Comments

  1. This post should be ready by everyone in the Polar Vortex! I can’t bear to think of some of the wrong postures being used (plus those older people who shouldn’t be shoveling in the first place). I am not in a snowy region, but your suggestions are useful for so many activities. I am particularly careful to “hinge at the hips” (as my PT says) to avoid back rounding. I work with a trainer and I know the strength and coordination I gain in my glutes and quads help me protect myself. Great post, and I hope you are cozy inside!

    • With more snow on the way here tonight, I’m hoping this post will be helpful. Hinging at the hips and not bending at the waist is so important for a healthy spine. Sounds like you have a fabulous PT!

  2. Thanks for posting this. Lots of snow in Montreal. Will show my wife, who has spoken of the Alexander Technique in the past and is doing the shovelling while I recover from surgery on my feet.
    Think warm thoughts!

    • I hope this is helpful. If your wife has some experience with Alexander, I hope this post will be a useful reminder 🙂

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