Confidence to Be Myself — 2 Comments

  1. Great blog Imogen, I’m an Enneagram Type 9….think Myers Briggs is a similar idea. Alexander lessons have also helped me uncover my true self, it gets to the core of your being like nothing else I have ever experienced. I’ve been a pupil for many years and continue to have monthly lessons. ‘Quiet’ sounds like an interesting book, thanks for taking the time to write your blog 😄

  2. I am really glad that concepts of shyness (or shame for that matter) are coming more into our awareness. The ability of someone like you to realize and accept your own ways, which might be perceived as disadvantage or weakness does not only help the other shy (or shameful) person but also those who are yet unaware of their shyness or shame. we are all on a continuum – and on a continuum of growth. Thanks Imogen.

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