Ergonomics for the Human Body — 9 Comments

  1. I think,
    in ergonomics or alexander technique or other forms of techniques the aim may be to use the body in a way to prevent from injury , or to make ourselfs injured.

    How best we can use of the self and discover our own balance , while releasing the energy towards sky and the earth still preventing damage caused by the earth gravitation.

    I think , the best choice for users is alexander technique under the teacher hands on guidance , compared to ergonomics(end-gaining). And you described it very clear.

    • Thanks, Geetha!
      I agree! In my opinion it’s preferable to learn how to use your body appropriately rather than have a good ergonomic set up for your chair, workstation or whatever. After all if you are aware of, and are in control of, the way you use your own body, you can cope well even with very poorly designed furniture or equipment. Of course having good body use and a great ergonomic situation would be the best of both worlds. In fact once you’ve learned to use yourself well you actually become much more discerning about your ergonomic set up.

  2. I took part in a group presentation of AT at offices at Fort Wadsworth. They already had ergonomic furniture. As near as I could see, they had simply adjusted the furniture to conform to their habitual misuse, thereby reinforcing it rather than mitigating it. I have never read anything by an ergonomist that suggested they have a clue about proper use from their training. The one ergonomist I’ve met who did was Joyce Senstrom, of the Mayo clinic, who has been a student of AT in Minnesota. She did a presentation at AGM.

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