In Gratitude to the Alexander Technique — 12 Comments

  1. I honestly had not heard of the Alexander Technique before today. I have now bookmarked your site and will come back to find out more soon! Sounds amazing. I am grateful to have found this!

  2. I can breathe
    I have the confidence to work out at the gym
    I have the confidence to speak what I feel – well almost
    I have more time on the day
    I don’t ache ar hurt anymore, if I do I can release the pain just by direction
    I’m happy with life
    It does help me like Christmas, that’s a male thing of a certain age; baa humbug.
    I just don’t what I would have been like with out the Alexander Technique but it wouldn’t be those above!

    • Wonderful list, John. Thanks for much for sharing! As I said to Louise in the comment below, I can’t believe I didn’t mention breathing in my own list! So glad you found the Technique.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Imogen!

    Here’s one of yours that I would add to my list:

    “I have made wonderful connections with people nearby and around the world through being part of the Alexander Technique community.”


  4. I am grateful for:
    Awareness of where my body wants to bend
    Ability to cope with my back pain and restore myself
    More energy in the studio to create my art
    Encouragement to be good to myself
    Meeting Alexander teachers and students, who are awesome(like you Imogen!)

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