Getting Comfortable with the Alexander Technique — 8 Comments

  1. I adore your student’s phrase, as I am feeling exactly the same way right now. Your student’s statement is succinct and to the point! Thanks so much for this post, Imogen.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Imogen. I read the post that inspired it as well. My habitual tendency is to daydream, hang back, and be an introvert, but I feel much happier, healthier, more engaged, and alert when I’m doing more extroverted activities – such as teaching, acting, speaking in public. Each time I do any of these things, there is a moment beforehand when I feel a strong resistance to being that present and engaged, but I do it anyway and the resistance weakens.

    • That’s so interesting, Lindsay! I identify myself as an introvert, but have grown to love many more outgoing activities, including teaching group classes too. And you’re right – there is discomfort I have/had to go through to get to the stage where I enjoy it.

  3. This phrase applies to many things in my life, I think! Habits are, indeed, comfortable, even when they cause us pain and trouble. I am working with a physical therapist right now because of neck/shoulder problems, and there are many habitual postures that I need to correct. I have some problems in my cervical spine, no doubt the result of years of imbalance – that likely felt comfortable to me because of familiarity.

    I once had a massage therapist tell me I needed to start to experience my muscle tension as pain. Same thing – I’m so used to tension, I don’t “get” the message about making a change. I’m working on modifying that now, and maybe Alexander Technique will be in my future.

    Thanks for another great column, Imogen.

  4. I so relate to this blog, Imogen. In fact, becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable has been my mantra these last several month as I extend my energy to my business. So this metaphor goes to the body adapting as with Alexander for me and radiates out to how I am choosing to express through my business. Ahh, gotta love those growth spurts.

  5. This resonates with me on so many levels, Imogen! In many things, I have gone through an initial adjustment phase, having to realize that what seemed comfortable was really immobility and stagnation, and although it takes some work to get moving (in writing, in performing, in moving one’s body correctly, in making healthy food choices), the rewards of true comfort, which is full of freedom and possibility, are worth it. Thank you for this post.

  6. Oh, I am in #2 with my back and wanting #1 to return! 🙂
    Nine short weeks ago, I gave birth and my whole body has never been the same since! I think I need to get it sorted though… before I damage myself.

    Thanks for the reminder, Imogen!

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