Spotlight on Margaret Almon – Alexander Technique Student — 19 Comments

  1. Imogen, Thank you so much for asking to interview me about my experience as an Alexander Student! It was helpful to reflect on what I’ve learned over the past year. I’m glad we had a chance to connect. Alexander has introduced me to some wonderful people!

    • You are most welcome. It has connected me with wonderful people too 🙂 Really appreciate you doing the interview, and hope we get to see each other in person again some time soon! In the meantime, I enjoy being connected with you “virtually!”

  2. What an amazing post for me to read today. I am struggling with neck/shoulder pain, and I’ve just stopped a training workout and am debating what to do next to help my body be happier. I related to so much of what was expressed here, about tension and about all the ways creative work can get tied up with physical tension. I found the descriptions of the Alexander Technique and concepts very attractive (loved the idea of letting the work come to my eyes). I know I have read about constructive rest before but never followed up. Maybe this is my time…

    Your mosaics are beautiful, Margaret, and I’m intrigued you were a poet before being a mosaic artist. Fascinating story. I often don’t read posts as long as this but I very much enjoyed the interview.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    Where the Personal and Professional meeting

    • Judy,
      If my experience helps you in any way, I will be very happy! I feel very fortunate to have the chance to take Alexander lessons. When I was a poet, I never imagined being a mosaic artist, but my love of visual imagery is a common thread.

  3. Lesson for the day: “Letting go of habits rather than ‘making them go away’”. This applies in every area of life … the physical is just a metaphor for the whole. How wonderful to let go and really be present to *how* we’re creating art, to allow the art to flow freely from us and through us!

    I love to see artists making beautiful works from the heart. The “Breathe” mosaic “inspired” me (“inspire” = “breathe in”).

    Margaret, I hope you succeed and prosper in just the way you hope to from your creativity. If you’re already a Prosperous Artist, I will also be happy to interview you … for my Prosperous Artist Interview Discussion series (see for an example).

  4. Imogen, I always love your blogs. This type of post is so helpful to me, as I relate best to real people and real stories rather than stand alone theories. I love the mosaic pictures too by the way and want my own door number! Alexander technique while focusing on the body, is so much more, it really is a Body- Mind approach. I will shamelessly advertise here that for anyone in the UK in August Imogen and I are doing a day’s Body-Mind workshop using AT and Gestalt approaches to encourage participants to notice and let it be. 🙂

  5. Fabulous interview! As you know I took Alexander by skype which worked well but I would at some point like to take more lessons but with an instructor in person. In the meantime I have you reminding me often of the little things to do to improve my use. Margaret is a fabulous artist!

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