Keeping Calm at the Dentist with the Alexander Technique — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Robert,

    that´s an interesting article. Thank you!

    My experience is, when the pain comes, that it helps me to aliviate the pain in all my breathing body. May be it´s about changing the pain into directions?

    Anyway it´s pleasant.. after the pain and in the pauses.

    Greeting from Berlin – Germany – Meike

    • Sorry Imogene, it´s your post – I just saw it via facebook, because Robert was posting it. Meike

      • No problem, Meike! That’s a great way to put it – “it’s pleasant… after the pain and in the pauses!” Thanks for commenting.

  2. If there’s still pain after trying to release tension, rather than “tough it out”, a person should be assertive and tell the dentist because they may be able to provide more numbing agents to reduce pain. Some people have trouble getting numb. This has been my experience sometimes and more numbing by the dentist helps and then one can still release tension from that point too.
    Practicing Alexander Technique works great for me when their giving the shot(s)too. Noticing and releasing tension in one’s feet and legs and areas away from head, neck, jaw help me too because it takes my mind away from the area their working on. Plus, it gives me something more fun and entertaining to do while I’m in the dentist chair!

    • That’s a very valid point about the pain, Kara. Thanks so much for pointing it out. I also find the AT very helpful when getting a shot. And exactly – it makes everything more pleasant! Thanks for commenting.

  3. You post is reminding me of how very grateful I am to use the AT in the dentist’s chair! They almost always comment as to how easy it is to work on me, even in the back teeth. I had a very harrowing experience last year, with moment-by-moment fear, that I was able to abate by using the “whispered ah”. Your post is a reminder that we can truly assist our students as they greet the stimulus of reacting to the fear of the unknown with curiosity instead of panic!

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