A Time for Action and A Time to Stop — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Imogen, I’m really glad to hear you are pushing on with your plans. Several things in your post connected with me; the need to recover after bereavement of course, but also procrastination caused by perfectionism. Years ago I used to be a draughtsman, actually using a pentel pencil on paper. I used to catch myself hanging back from putting pencil to paper as I felt the need to get the view in exactly the right place.
    What sticks out for me is how connecting with your friends and colleagues helped.
    In my “favourite” thinking system GoMAD we spend time brainstorming key questions, the first of which is “Who Can Help?”



    • Great question, Kevin! I will have to look into GoMAD!! 🙂
      A question I’ve been putting to myself a lot recently is “How easily can I do this?” This seems to help not only come up with ways to approach a problem or piece of work that I might not otherwise think of, but also helps me let go of the tension in my system associated with work itself. My aim is to work smarter not harder!!

      • Imogen, it’s like one of the questions you advised me to ask myself during our sessions–“Can I do less?” That helped me realize how much needless physical force I was using to do things at work and in the kitchen, and how much more gently I could do them. It makes sense that this applies to thinking about problems too!
        I agree that accepting imperfection and finding someone to keep you accountable are key to getting out of a slump. Especially in the winter, I tend to avoid the things that take more effort (though I’m still doing cycles of ease and constructive rest because they’re relaxing and don’t take too much time!). I need to find someone to help me stick to my exercise routine!

        • Hi Julie, fwiw I’ve come at exercise from all directions. At the moment I’m finding that scheduled classes really help. Once I’ve booked it, it’s in the calendar and therefore a commitment. Unlike, say, walking or exercise at home. Classes are also a great example of getting help from others. There’s that feeling of “we’re all in it together” which encourages me to work harder, and it’s also a social thing.

          • That’s interesting, Kevin. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes a class that you’ve booked and put on a calendar is a commitment, and being in the class is getting help from others. Another helpful approach can be doing it with a friend – whether it’s walking, taking a class, or anything else. Because you’ve arranged to meet the friend, you’re so much more likely to get out for that walk when it’s cold, for instance, than just left to your own devices.

        • Julie – lovely to hear from you, and that you are still using what you learned with me! I think you’re right that the season – winter – might also have had something to do with it, too. Good luck with your exercise routine!!

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