In Praise of Stopping — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting phrase normally used is to “take a break,” or to “take a lunch break.” Operative word in these phrases is “take!” Nobody can,will give you a break these days, generally including yourself. You have to take it!

    • Interesting. Words definitely influence how we respond to an idea. I’m going to play with “take a break” and “have a break” and see if I have an emotionally (and physically) response to them. I have a feeling that “have a break” might be more British, and “take a break” more American, but really have no idea. Thanks for the comment, Al.

  2. In German is would be “Pause machen” which one could translate with “do a break” which is funny thinking that we do not want “to do” in the break ;-)!

    Playing and paying more attention has been very interesting and helpful in my Alexander journey. I like the idea that you have to take the break yourself. Nobody else will give it to you.

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