Feeling Like a Fraud — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you !
    Great honest blog Imogen, the more we women have this courage to share our inner landscape the more we realise we share so many challenges and the less power we mis-attribute to such concepts of ourselves . I share like you that when I had or have such thoughts that they are just noises not to be believed . I am now inspired to write blogs in the future in this genre because of your courage and beautiful vulnerability.

    • Oh thank you, Lizzie. That means a lot. There is definitely power in knowing we are not alone. Your last sentence really strikes me, as another book I’ve been totally inspired by recently is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown – which is all about vulnerability and courage. I am obviously taking it to heart 🙂

  2. This is a wonderfully insightful post Imogen. I totally relate to the “feeling like a fraud” syndrome. I actually thought I was “tricking” everyone in college (peer and professors) into thinking that I actually was smart and a good student and I was sure I was to be found out sooner or later! (I never was…Hah) How lovely to link this situation to faulty sensory awareness. Thank you.

    • Oh, thanks so much, Lauren. Glad it resonated. It’s strange the stories we tell ourselves!! It does seem to be a kind of faulty sensory awareness to me.

  3. As a man – this made me resonate. Even before reading this I had become aware of how much my computer was taking over my life (through practising Alexander Technique). I had begun to use it as a primary tool for human interaction. This remains invaluable as I am somewhat isolated (!) but I see the error in my thinking very clearly. Imogen your blog and Alexander Technique has reminded me to be more aware of my usage. Isn’t it funny how right use can turn a perceived ‘bad’ into a supreme good.
    Actually – for me, signing up to the news letter may not be helpful at this time. It may get lost in the mountain of information that arrives. (Nearly summer here but I could still get the spring cleaning done). I am very grateful for all the help received.

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