Snow, Snow, Snow… and the Challenges to my Equilibrium — 4 Comments

  1. Well said, Imogen! I also notice how I brace myself against the cold by tensing up but then I remember to relax and remind myself to wear a scarf next time!

    This time of year, we can “walk” on a treadmill at the Y. Much safer since my streets have been narrowed by the snow!

    I have been lucky not to hurt my back shoveling, loose my electric or be stranded anywhere like those poor people on the PA turnpike. Well, so far, at least! And my gas fireplace offers a welcome respite from the cold! I am enjoying the birds that come to my yard to feed and the brief glimpse that I had of daffodils pushing up through the ground! In a few weeks I will replace my snowmen decorations with bunnies and eggs and Easter will be upon us!

    • Hi Susan, Thanks for your comment. I take heart at your brief glimpse of daffodils starting to push through. Maybe once this snow has finally gone, we’ll have a riot of spring color and life awaiting us!!

  2. Imogen,

    This extreme cold and sometimes icy conditions really have made walking less appealing, if not dangerous. A co-worker of mine broke his arm last winter just going to the mailbox! To avoid a similar fate, I recently bought some Yaktrax Pro Walking Cleats, which make it possible to walk on ice without slipping. Maybe they would help you, too. Not too expensive, a bit off-gassy (probably just because they’re new), but very effective.

    Glad you have help with the shoveling!

    Thanks for your post.


    • Eric, The Yaktrax cleats sounds interesting – I will look them up as I love to walk outside every day if possible. Hoping there won’t be much need for them any more, but the way this winter has been going, you never know…

      Thanks so much for commenting.

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