Stop the Busy-ness and Be More Productive Part 1 Multi-tasking versus Single-tasking — 7 Comments

  1. So, so true Imogen. .. my husband is so good at single tasking… unable to even ask a question if he is busy… frustrating as it is we think that it is a women’s skill.. almost an expectation, something we should be able to do…ahhhh Alexander Technique is the answer.. no expectations… choice… freedom to single task ! Thanks for sharing…

    • Glad it resonated, Kay. I do think there are times when it is, unfortunately, necessary to switch gears quickly from one thing to another (and women probably do tend to be better at this). However minimizing how much we do this is important. Alexander Technique can help in both cases in my experience!

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  3. Thanks for this, Imogen! I have recently been silencing everything that beeps (fb, phone…) because I find it distracts my 1 year olds from their engagement in play! Of course it totally does the same for me, but it took seeing how distracting it was from my kids’ very important “work” for me to do something about it!

    • That’s so interesting and insightful, Eve. We certainly do learn things about ourselves from our children! I, too, have recently reduced the number of notifications (beeps) I get on my phone – now it’s just texts and actual phone calls! It’s so much more peaceful now. 🙂

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