The Deliciousness of “No” — 7 Comments

  1. Imogen, thanks for nothing, or should i say thanks for explaining inhibition. My teacher has been revisiting inhibition again with me, it sticks sometimes but mostly I’m to eager to end gain. A while ago I did some exercises using my camera. When I got the instruction to take some shots my mind went straight to the image I wanted to take, so my thoughts went something like; find the image, set the camera and take the picture. That sounds ok but I ignored my body, I led my body though the camera to the image. Once I learned to stop first, that was hard, I could use my direction and direct the camera though my use to compose to image. Less stress and grabbing with less camera shake, I was also not stooping into the camera, an success all round. So what ever you are doing, stop and ask yourself if you can do it differently.

    • Hi John, Thanks for commenting and sharing the way you are using inhibition when taking photographs – really wonderful and practical example of how it can be used to help a specific activity. And your last sentence, “So what ever you are doing, stop and ask yourself if you can do it differently.” is great advice for us all!

    • Hi Geetha,
      Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond to your comment – I’ve been on vacation and only just got back home!
      As far as classic directions of the Alexander Technique, as presented by F.M. Alexander, the founder of the technique, they go something like:
      “Allow the neck to be free, so the head can go forward and up, and so the back can lengthen and widen and the knees to go forward and away.”
      If you’d like me to explain a bit more how to use and interpret these let me know – I find words can be so tricky as everyone has they’re own way of interpreting them for themselves based on their own history. I will be blogging about this some time soon!

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