Why I’m Not Walking When I Walk! — 10 Comments

  1. This was very helpful Imogen. I’m trying this today with the worsening injury to my upper arm and shoulder. I am getting therapy, but plan to get chiropractic work done on it too. I have been doing a similar exercise already, but will go even further as you have instructed. Thank you!

    • Hi Mary Jo. I’m so sorry to hear about your injury to your upper arm and shoulder. As you know, anything I suggest is no replacement for medical advice, but might offer a way to get out of tension patterns that contribute to pain and freedom of movement. I’d be really interested to hear what your find out. AND, the key thing is to be only curious about what happens, and not have any expectation on result. That really does seem to be the main way we can self-sabotage – when we are too focused on the result we want. So glad this was helpful to you. Keep me posted, and hope your injury starts to get better very soon.

  2. It was particularly delightful to read your posting today after having met you at the Chicago conference with Robert R.
    you remind me that the shadow of a shift in attitude can work wonders.The great gift of the technique for me are these secret windows to the soul.
    More windows, please!

  3. Thanks for this post. It’s really interesting how the body works, and how it’s all connected. Getting more done by doing less, in a way. I tried this on my walk this morning and noticed a big difference. More ease, a lightness. Thanks again.

  4. Brilliant blog Imogen! Sums up my Alexander experience! I discovered this sleep benefit accidentally when first introduced to Constructive Rest, and always thought I was not”doing” Alexander work properly! You have just corrected that misapprehension and inspired me to resume the practice!
    The negative directions of Missy Vinyard i first heard of in your podcasts with Robert Rickover and i went out and bought the book!
    The “Not breathing” one is great to try out on friends!
    Keep spreading the word.
    Constructive rest is the only bit of Alexander I have retained alas, but probably the most powerful procedure I have benefited from!
    Thank you for your generosity!
    Can’t wait to do “Constructive Napping”again!
    Peter (75 yrs)

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