Lighten Up! It’s Good for You and It’s Good For Business — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for the article. Lately I’ve been coloring too! And also trying something called Zentangle – a form of doodling. I really love it. I can let my mind relax while I am creating something!! At work I get to play a lot – I work with 4 year olds!! It is pretty easy to jump back into my 4 year old self when I am with these kids and it feels great!! Lately I’ve been drawn to playing more board games – I bought a game to play on Christmas night with my extended family (Telestrations). It was super fun for all of us – lots of laughing. I love to play!!

  2. Really well(and lightfully) articulated Imogen! I especially like the quote from Dr. Brown about ‘respecting our biologically programmed need to play’. It is so easy to see concentration and effort as what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing, it is wonderful to consider what it would be to place fun and ease on the same pedestal and with the same importance. How transformed our lives would be!

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