Have You Taken Time for You Today? — 4 Comments

  1. Your post reminded me to Stop.
    Must practice more stopping from now on.
    It is a promise to myself, a decision I have made.
    Any tips how to keep it up ?
    Thank you and Happy New Year.

    • Glad this post came at the right time for you. Stopping is a practice that’s for sure. Keep on renewing the commitment to yourself. And perhaps more of my blogs will inspire you, too!

  2. As usual, I started my day by taking a few minutes to enjoy the cycle of ease that I learned from you. This simple regular practice helps me feel more ready for the day. As I notice the ease in my body, tension dissipates on its own accord. Surprisingly, there is often a fair amount of tension on waking. It is wonderful feel it fall away.
    Also, your post reminds me that I want to play my little instrument this morning. 🙂

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