My Top Eleven Best Practices to Improve Your Alexander Technique Skills — 17 Comments

    • I think that’s one of the things I loved most about my training course! It’s been gradually dawning on me that pretty much everyone benefits from this too.

  1. It is so important to open up opportunities to support people learning the Technique, the more angles you approach the work the more intrigued you become… the more involved you become…. the more aware you become …. life opens up for you and you feel energised… thank you Imogen!

  2. This is so timely for me. I PAUSED this morning to read the entire blog. maybe I won’t be so exhausted after babysitting today. THANKS.

  3. Imogen – thank you for an excellent blog post, and a great resource. I’ve just got home after a bruising two week work trip overseas and so this is very timely for me too! So hard to do the right thinking when you’re on the road, but these are wonderful, gentle steers back to self-care. Very much appreciated. I’m going to print out the post and keep it on my desk, and also get back to a daily constructive rest

  4. I’ve thought of one more practice that helps a lot of people – keeping a journal! Can really help to write about your progress and the discoveries you’re making.

  5. I am a raw recruit for the A Technique, I,ve had one lesson and I really enjoyed your blog
    today. So I will follow your blogs with great interest. many Thanks.

    Regards John Russell

    • So glad you found the post helpful, and thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoyed your first AT lesson! It can be a wonderful journey. 🙂

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  7. really great blog Imogen – I love “play i can do less game” and a great idea to set reminders using post stickers Also as a teacher need to create more of a community of teachers – the book group is a great one – Thanks!

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