Smart Phone – Smart Body — 5 Comments

  1. Great article Imogen – we just talked about this in our class today and I had the students pull out their phones and notice how they lost themselves and their Use when concentrating on the phone. I have asked them to read your article. Thanks for the clear photos that show good and bad use with the phone.

    • Thank you, Laura. Glad you like the photos. Of course I’m ultra critical of myself in the “good use” photos – but, hey, we’re not looking for perfection, just improvement, right? 🙂

  2. I tell myself that perfection is a form of end-gaining. Employing Means Whereby (sticking to the process) I am able to improve in a slow and steady way.

    Doesn’t mean that I’m not a perfectionist at heart – I call myself a “recovering perfectionist” – just like all the other recovery theories – it’s very easy for me to fall off the wagon.

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