Stressed? Then why is it hard to choose ease? — 6 Comments

  1. Very good and resonated well. I still seem to end up a bag of nerves despite my pupils all being converted to choose ease. How can this be? I thought that to translate ease etc into others we had to choose ease in ourselves first…. Is it possible to be a nervous A T teacher and manage to produce wonderfully calm results …. can you identify with this conundrum ? I’m also seen from the outside as serene and capable whilst all manner of nervous fireworks are kicking off internally …. xx

    • Thanks, Sheralyn. I am thinking part of this is your own awareness is so much greater that you can clearly see “all manner of nervous fireworks” inside. This has got to be different from letting those nervous fireworks manifest on a larger, external scale. I don’t get the sense that you are repressing them, rather noticing them and choosing not to act on them. When you notice the “nervous fireworks” (using your expression) what do you do?

  2. Great post Imogen! This is an area I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Perhaps one idea that could help is that the choice between one’s habitual way of being, and having greater ease, is JUST a choice – you can have habitual, or you can have the ease. Just like you can have the lights off or on. Or in a restaurant you can have pan fried trout with artisanal vegetables and salad greens or you can have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread with fries. You can play George Jones or Mozart. You simply chose which you want – both are potentially there all the time and the actual choice requires virtually no effort on your part.

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